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Free Range on Food: Thanksgiving, "Farm Kings" and more

Free Range on Food: Thanksgiving, "Farm Kings" and more
(For those not in the know, barding is draping strips of fat over the item in question — with turkey, people often use bacon.) You CAN bard with turkey …. The grocery store stuff doesn't seem to go beyond fatty, salty and crisp. I am looking for …
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Outlawing high pay will cost Switzerland dear
The 1:12 campaign to cap pay has a Facebook page denouncing “Fat Cat of the Week”. They include Peter Brabeck, Nestlé chairman, …. While the worker on the shop floor is asked to leave with a 6 month severance. So, I can see the why of Switzerland's …
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Is 'gluten-free' really best for everyone?
Even The Great British Bake Off recently devoted its quarter-final to "free-from" cakes and loaves. Perhaps my muscle aches and worsening … "People tell us all the time 'I can't eat factory bread, but when I go to France or Italy and shop at the …
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2007 year in review
The dog enthusiasts eased their concerns though – installing water catch basins so dog refuse wouldn't turn into an unpleasant soup in a storm and nixing dirt in favor of quarter inch gravel, which eliminates dust. Friends of Peters Park …. "There's …
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Thanksgiving 2013: What to Know About Turkey Day

Thanksgiving 2013: What to Know About Turkey Day
Key to any Thanksgiving Day menu are a fat turkey and cranberry sauce. An estimated 254 million turkeys were raised for …. Much to the chagrin of many retail employees, nearly one-quarter of them said yes. Online shoppers have their own red-letter …
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Sounding Off: Park Cities-North Dallas readers recall Nov. 22, 1963
My former neighbors and I gathered at the old French Quarter apartments and walked to the corner to see the motorcade pass by. I had just turned 21 and my daughter Kim, age … I remember swerving to avoid a ditch, before coming to a shaky stop at the …
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JM Smucker: FDA crackdown on trans fats will not impact our business
Crisco shortenings meet the FDA criteria for making '0g trans fat' claims (because they contain less than 0.5g trans fat per serving), but they still contain small amounts of partially hydrogenated palm and soybean oils. However, J M … However, sales …