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Free Range on Food: Thanksgiving, "Farm Kings" and more

Free Range on Food: Thanksgiving, "Farm Kings" and more
(For those not in the know, barding is draping strips of fat over the item in question — with turkey, people often use bacon.) You CAN bard with turkey …. The grocery store stuff doesn't seem to go beyond fatty, salty and crisp. I am looking for …
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Outlawing high pay will cost Switzerland dear
The 1:12 campaign to cap pay has a Facebook page denouncing “Fat Cat of the Week”. They include Peter Brabeck, Nestlé chairman, …. While the worker on the shop floor is asked to leave with a 6 month severance. So, I can see the why of Switzerland's …
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Is 'gluten-free' really best for everyone?
Even The Great British Bake Off recently devoted its quarter-final to "free-from" cakes and loaves. Perhaps my muscle aches and worsening … "People tell us all the time 'I can't eat factory bread, but when I go to France or Italy and shop at the …
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2007 year in review
The dog enthusiasts eased their concerns though – installing water catch basins so dog refuse wouldn't turn into an unpleasant soup in a storm and nixing dirt in favor of quarter inch gravel, which eliminates dust. Friends of Peters Park …. "There's …
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