8 pensamientos en “Stacking My Block Quilt Pattern by Kaye Wood

  1. jlnriddick

    Can anyone answer this question for me?? Since you start out with 2 inch
    strips of fabric, how much seam allowance do you use when sewing the two
    strips together? Are you looking for 4 inch wide strips AFTER the two
    colors are sewn together, (meaning you actually cut the strips wider to
    allow for a seam), or do you cut them exactly 2 inches and wind up with the
    double strip more narrow than 4 inches? Thanks to anyone… this has me
    stumped. Great video, thanks Kaye!

  2. jlnriddick

    Thank you so much Kaye! I should have realized this butI’m quite the
    beginner. Following all your tips and making great progress. When I’m
    ironing I keep hearing your voice say, “Remember, we want to be lazy, LOL”.
    Thanks again!

  3. Steve Spangler

    You are absolutely the most amazing teacher. Love the great combo packs at
    your website. Hoping to get yet another in today’s mail. Starmaker 8 wasn’t
    enough. I needed the Starmaker 5 and 6.

  4. jlnriddick

    By the way, I can just hear my husband say, “I thought cutting ‘topless
    triangles’ meant you just take your shirt off first”. Hope that’s not
    offensive… just joking.

  5. Visi H.

    hi Miss Kaye, thank you so much for that great video you shared. It is my
    favorite quilt block,and I understand the cutting and sewing it together.
    But then it gets for me to complicated. Putting them together, I get
    confused and have to play the video over and over again. I have to find an
    easier way to put them together, like a pattern, or I number the pieces, as
    an example 3+5 together or 1 + 3 together, I wonder if anyone had the same
    problem ?? I am a beginner, but doing pretty good so far

  6. Kaye Wood

    The strips are cut 2″ wide. When sewn together, they measure 3-1/2″ wide.
    In all of my patterns, you never add seam allowances. Any other questions,
    just let me know.


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