Fast and Easy Pinwheels!!!

Fast and Easy Pinwheels!!! – How to make pinwheels for a quilt the easy way! Follow this link to our shop for a HUGE selection of charm packs, perfect for pi…
Video Rating: 4 / 5 — Jenny Doan demonstrates how nifty charm packs are by making three tote bags / purse out of a single charm pack! To see the larg…

50 pensamientos en “Fast and Easy Pinwheels!!!

  1. Artistic Hobo1

    THAT is awesome and cool…I dont sew and I want to start quilting and this
    looks so easy…maybe I can actually do it…if I can just figure out my

  2. Yvonne Danna

    Thank you Jenny!! My very first quilt was a baby quilt that I learned to
    make from watching your tutorial about 2 years ago and since then I have
    made quilts for Family, Friends and Co-Workers!! I’m so excited about doing
    my next quilt in the Pinwheel Pattern!! Thank you for making these easy to
    follow tutorials…couldn’t have done it without you and the MSQC!!

  3. Rosanne Wiliams

    Math has never been my strong point. I want 6.5″ unfinished blocks. What
    size squares do I want to start with? Is there an easy formula? Thanks.

  4. mollytazz1

    Thank you so much!! I got my first sewing machine three weeks ago and while
    I’m quilting I watch your videos. It’s like having my own personal quilting

  5. Teresa Danh

    I was hesitant about doing pinwheels till I saw this tutorial. Will b
    trying tonight. You broke it down so simple and easy and started with the
    pre cut squares or charm packs. Which is what I have.

  6. MSQCJen

    For an 8″ square, you’ll need to start with a square cut to 6 5/8″. We
    included other dimensions and a formula for pinwheels on one of our blog
    posts. You can find our blog through our website. There is a search
    function on the blog. Search “pinwheel formula” to find the blog post.

  7. Shanna Dallmeyer

    I’m a visual learner, so having you show me how to do this makes it SO much
    easier! My nieces will get the pinwheel quilts they wanted for Christmas
    for sure now! Thanks!!

  8. S Rupe

    I love your tutorials! Would you happen to have a tutorial for the quilt
    that is behind you at the 1:03 mark? I would love to see the EASY way to do
    that! 🙂

  9. Kay L

    Just completed two of these great totes! I made mine with 9 – 5″ squares
    on each side so it’s a little taller! Lovely Christmas gifts for my two
    BFF’s! Thank you sooo much, Jenny!

  10. Spencer Dizzle

    Jenny…I love your tutorials and tell others as well.
    I enjoyed the tote and am going to try it but wish you could show with a
    zipper, that would be icing on the cake.

  11. Phyllis B

    I first watched this video last Saturday and am working on my third bag.
    It’s so quick and easy, and with each one, I’m starting to improvise with
    pockets, sizes, and layout. On the one I’m making now, I used a fat quarter
    instead of charm squares for the larger portion and I’ve added a 2″ band
    around the top made with the same fabric as the 7″ section at the bottom..

  12. Sasslette

    I made a Christmas tote bag and put pockets inside, added a little strip on
    one out side and put a buttonhole in it and sewed a button on the other so
    it stays closed. I left the opening on the top of the bag rather than the
    lining as you top sew the top anyway. I used a decorative stitch instead of
    a straight stitch. very pleased with it! Thanks for the tutorial!!!!

  13. Tina Giaramita

    Love this idea! I’m a beginner and have made a couple of tote bags, but
    I’ve never done any type of quilting before. This looks fairly quick and
    easy to do. Can’t wait to try this – will make some very nice Christmas
    gifts! Thanks for the easy to follow tutorial!

  14. PurpleRabbitMama

    Thank you, Jenny! Love your tutorials! I’m finishing up three of these bags
    today–Christmas presents for my daughters. 🙂 I made them larger and
    they’ve sewn up so easily. The girls will love them! My machine has
    embroidery stitches, so I’ve done topstitching designs on each of them and
    quilted them diagonally. They look great! Thank you!

  15. Julia Heck

    Great tutorial!! I just finished my first tote with the charm pack I got
    from MSQC and it looks great( if I do say so myself). Please keep the
    videos coming. Thanks

  16. Rodney Walker

    I just wanted to say thank you. My 10 year old daughter and I are learning
    to sew together and your quilted handbag tutorial is the inspiration and
    guide for her first big sewing project. She decided she wanted stripes
    instead of squares but the basic plan is the same. Thank you for such an
    easy to follow tutorial, Rodney

  17. Paula Zidel

    This is the Periwinkle Quilt – Jenny did a tutorial using the
    wacky-web-template. Check her site for the tutorial … unfortunately,
    YouTube won’t allow me to post the link to the web address

  18. n mcg

    Love the tote. I make lots of totes and purses and I ususally leave the
    opening in the top of the bag because you top stitch the top of the bag
    anyway closing up the opening.

  19. Xkmac3

    There is a tutorial for it in their videos. Just watched it. They use a
    floor tile then measure, cut and sew an old bath towel like a pillowcase to
    fit. Put the tile inside then measure the fabric of your choice to fit, sew
    that like a pillow case and job done

  20. pattisonenterprises

    Love your video! Can’t wait to try this. I SO need some nice tote bags! But
    I have a question about your pressing area. I need one like this. Do you
    cover how you made it or where you got it on any of your other videos?


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