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  1. PaulaTharp.aka.MrsOcean

    Jenny, I *love* your tutorials! You make quilting sooo easy, even for
    beginners like me! Keep those tutorials coming! I think I have found a
    whole new addiction… LOL.

  2. AngiesQuilting

    I have my Layer Cake blocks finished. The cutting and piecing went super
    fast! This truly could be a week-end quilt! But, I wonder how many blocks
    are needed to make a quilt? How many rows across, how many rows down?
    Jenny, you talk about using some of the blocks for the border. How many?
    Love the tutorial, but would like more info. about the layout? Thanks

  3. RuthieOnTheMobile

    I’ve just watched this video and had the same thought, but it is correct,
    it’s just the way she is saying it. The square is 10″ along one side but
    9.5″ along the other. You make the second cut along the 10″ side.

  4. RuthieOnTheMobile

    I think this quilt is so cute. I’m tempted to try it with my overlocker
    (Serger for you Americans). I may use a different size starting square. I
    would be using 1/3 and 2/3 cuts, right?

  5. heather196

    I puzzled on this one too,but the answer is….after you sew the seam ONE
    side will be 9.5 inches, the other side will be 10. It won’t be a perfect
    square. You want to cut across the seam, that side is the10″ side. Hope
    that makes sense.

  6. heather196

    Layer cake measures about 25.5cm square. Slice it at 9cm for the first
    slice, so you’ll have a piece 9cm and a piece 16.5cm. The next slice, after
    sewing the first seam will be at just about 13cm. The conversion from
    inches to cm isn’t exact. It probably would be best to press it in half
    then slice on the pressed line.

  7. Irene Foss

    My friends and I each made quilts with the 10″ blocks like the one in your
    video. Then we made arrangements to take them to a Ronald McDonald house
    across from a hospital. They were so happy to get the quilts. The ladies
    gave us a tour of the house being careful not to disturb any patients or
    relatives of patients. We had such a wonderful time that day. Each child
    gets to keep the quilt he or she recieves.

  8. Lisa Shenk

    Penny, I had a friend make this using 2 layer cakes and some additional
    yardage for borders, and it was 99×108 with borders on, so I think two
    layer cakes and yardage, or if you don’t want yardage for borders, go for 3
    layer cakes!

  9. SarahMSQC

    The mot versatile thread we use for scrappy quilts is a beige. Something
    neutral seems to work really well.Unless it’s very dark. (use a navy or
    black) Hope this helps.

  10. Amber Moate

    I will do that. I found so many pre-cut fabrics on your site that I
    absolutely love!! I am horrible at cutting fabrics (my borders never turn
    out right, still learning). Thank you so much!!!

  11. MSQCJen

    After the first slice and cut, you get 10″ x 9.5″ Then, you slice and sew
    again to get a block that is 9.5 x 9.5. When it’s sewn into quilt, it’s a 9
    inch finished square. It’s so fun…give it a try!

  12. missdianestamps

    What a wonderful piecing pattern. Definitely want to try one like this.
    I’ll be heading to your NEW shop next week and I can’t wait!

  13. dslvs2red

    Jenny, I’m a beginner. Can you tell me how you made the border,how much
    yardage I would need. Where do you get the colored strips from? thank you


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