25 pensamientos en “Amazing Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern by 3 Dudes!

  1. niadel

    Where is the tutorial for the yellow quilt on the wall behind you? Or what
    is it called? I saw something similar called “Ginger Jar” but it didnt have
    large flowers on it. Thanks!

  2. Marisa B Allen

    If my little ones weren’t sleeping in the next room, I would have squealed
    with delight!! This is sooooo cool how the blocks come together. I loved
    the “unveiling” moment when you opened up the squares. I got a jelly roll
    for my birthday and now I know what to do with it! Thanks for clear,
    winsome tutorials. Keep it up! 🙂

  3. jennifer comeaux

    hi jenny….i am new but i am on my second quiilt following your
    tutorials…..i need to know before i proceed….the little flaps that
    extent past the edges of my block….do i cute them off before i sew the
    blocks together….please help me…..love your tutorials

  4. Linda Green

    Was a great video but your sewing was a little slow. lol I do like your
    quilt i’m a new quilter and love all of your videos. THANK YOU

  5. Sheila Terhune

    I am a new quilter and I am working on the Amazing Jelly Roll Quilt. For
    the life of me I can’t get the lines to meet. I’ve checked and double
    checked my 1/4 inch seam and still some meet and some don’t. When I have
    them laying side by side before I seam them everything matches up, then
    after I sew my 1/4 inch seam, nothing matches??? Help

  6. Deborah Belcich

    ok this s going to sound stupid but are you suppose to cut off the little
    side things befor you sew the blocks together? This is actually my first
    time doing this so Im way green around the gills on knowledge. lol

  7. Deborah Belcich

    I ws wondering if you could tell me how many squares it takes to make a
    full/queen size quilt? I have started sewing the stripes together and didnt
    know how many to make. Thank you so much!

  8. Margot Roberts

    I come to the computer each morning in case there is another pattern to do.
    I have been quilting for years but this quick way of patching is great.
    Mags from Australia

  9. 2kidsinutah

    How many jelly rolls does it take to make this? Are all jelly rolls the
    same size. Do they have a standard amount of fabric in them? Not sure what
    to look for when shopping for jelly rolls if that makes any sense

  10. gmaflor

    I love your tutorials. I have learned so much. Yesterday I actually did 3
    stars using your technique. Must tell you had never done stars because I
    hate working with little triangles 🙂 Now, I can just make a huge square
    and there I am, cut and ready to form a star. Christmas gifts will be much
    easier. Thank you

  11. Tara-Lee Williams

    I’m going to do this now. I have a few Jelly Rolls and can happily add a
    white/colour to add more blocks. Welcome to Perth, Western Australia. We
    are going to be seeing a lot more of you. My Hubby might get jealous ha ha

  12. Paul Lawrence

    I am so enjoying your videos, I am still learning to sew and I can’t wait
    to make this quilt. I can’t believe how relaxing sewing can be. You have a
    newest fan in Memphis.

  13. MSQCJen

    One jelly roll plenty will be more than enough for a baby quilt. Jenny used
    a small jelly roll that only had about 15 strips in it for the baby quilt
    shown. Most jelly rolls have 40 strips. Have fun!


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